April 3, 2011

New Sprint 53: New Features

It's been quite some time since the last blog post. Lately, Simio has released sprint 53 for Simio Insiders, and the new features they added triggered me to write this short post about it. The new features I am going to show in this post are

  • Warnings and options where to display them, as well as the new Notify-step to create warnings
  • Repeat a particular experiment replication in animation mode
Warnings and where to display them
Simio has a new warning system built into their software. Simio by itself now generates warnings when certain events occur. For example, if the maximum number of objects has been exceeded or if two entities create a deadlock situation, a warning is generated. In the "Run"-Ribbon, the user can now choose where those warnings should be displayed. If the "Alert User" option is selected, a pop-up window will open whenever a warning occurs. The user can choose not to see this particular warning again, and he can pause or continue the simulation when a warning pops up.

The Notify-step
In addition to the new warning-system, with sprint 53 Simio has introduced a new step called "Notify" to generate warnings or traces from within a process. The user can use the step to a) create warnings or b) output information to the trace window. Only if the user selects "Warning", a pop-up is created whenever the step is executed and the option "Alert User" was chosen. If he selects "Trace", the output is always sent to the trace window, no matter what is selected in the "Run"-Ribbon.

Repeat a particular replication in animation mode
Another new feature, which can also be found in the "Advanced Options" in the "Run"-Ribbon, is to repeat a particular replication from an experiment in animation mode. This can be useful to explain unexpected results by viewing the animation, or by debugging the run step by step. Simio has put this option together with the "Disable Randomness".

These are the most important enhancements in sprint 53 from my point of view, but in addition, the following features were added. Check out the Simio Insider program to get more information on them:

  • New Move-step
  • Items are no longer editable if not visible
  • Out-of-date indication in experimens if the model has changed
  • Two new SimBits
I'll keep you up to date on the lates developments in the next sprint! Enjoy Simio.