July 22, 2013

5 benefits from simulation in the cloud

Being a Simio Insider is a great privilege (which by the way anyone can enjoy)! You get the latest information about the Simio software, and what is especially interesting are the discussions about what the software does not offer right now, but should in the future.

We have already heard that Simio has plans to move to the cloud a while ago and with the Replication Runner, Simio has already taken the first step in this direction, as with it you can allocate resources beyond your own machine to run experiments. That's basically the same concept as the cloud. Hopefully, we will see the next step soon, which is a full migration to the cloud.

What exactly are the benefits of simulation in the cloud? Here are five thoughts:
  1. Scale-up your experiment runs and replicate the runs across any number of nodes in the cloud -> massive performance gain
  2. No hardware investment required to run resource-intensive simulations. Anyone can quickly run very complex models and run more combinations. This would also benefit optimization add-ins, as they often rely on running different parameter constellations
  3. Aside from performance, a cloud-based development of simulation models makes it easier to collaborate and share models.
  4. Licensing could become more flexible. Think of pay-per-use. No permanent licenses are required anymore, no yearly maintenance plans. If I don't want to simulate, no need to pay. Also many users could work at the same time, while with old licensing models often only one workstation is equipped and licensed. 
  5. Always up-to-date software. No more downloading of new sprints or releases. The Simio software would opened in a web-browser and the latest version would always be available to all users immediately.
What other benefits do you see? What tools are there that run in the cloud?